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About Oudot

Oudot is well-known for its know-how and advice for investors, institutions, industrial companies and financial institutions.
The diversity of its teams’ make-up and background and the complementarity of their individual experiences ensure the required expertise in fulfilling demanding requests.
Oudot emphasises the care taken in handling every file it is entrusted with. Each notary is personally involved in every case with the assistance of a dedicated team assembled according to the specific needs of the request.


Anne-Hélène Garnier – Oudot – Associés

Anne-Hélène Garnier

Anne-Hélène regularly acts for institutional investors, promoters and listed property owners in their investments in France.

Graduate of the Paris Institute of Political Studies and holder of the diploma of notary, Anne-Hélène has spent her whole career with Oudot, and has been a partner since 2006.

Valerian Conrad Bruat – Oudot – Associés

Valerian Conrad-Bruat

Valérian advises industrial groups, listed property owners and investors on their real estate projects.

Holder of the diplomas of lawyer and notary, he joined Oudot in 2011 after making partner at an US law firm.

Pascal Pottier – Oudot – Associés

Pascal Potier

Pascal is the privileged advisor of promoters and financial organisations during the realization of real estate projects.

Holder of the diploma of notary, he joined Oudot in 2013 after leading the real estate and complex financing department of a French firm for 15 years.

Vincent Hustache – Oudot – Associés

Vincent Hustache

Vincent joined Oudot in 2010 after studying notarial law at the University of Paris 2 Panthéon Assas.

Vincent mainly advises promoters, listed property owners and insurance companies in their arbitration, construction or investment projects in France

Jean-Marie Bergeret – Oudot – Associés

Stéphanie Philippe

Stéphanie joined Oudot in 2010 after studying notarial law at the University of Paris V René Descartes.

Stéphanie mainly advises promoters, developers and French investors in their arbitration, construction or investment projects in France

Vincent Hustache – Oudot – Associés

Victor Sempé

Victor joined Oudot in 2013 after studying notarial law at the Universities of Toulouse UT1 Capitole and Paris Panthéon Assas.

Victor mainly advises industrial companies, promoters and French investors in of their arbitration, construction or investment projects in France

Jean-Marie Bergeret – Oudot – Associés

Hélène Guézennec

Hélène joined Oudot in 2014 after studying notarial law at the University of Rennes 1 and spending one year in Canada (University of Ottawa).

Hélène mainly advises listed property owners and French or Anglo-Saxon investors in their arbitration, construction or investment projects in France

Senior advisor

Anne-Hélène Garnier – Oudot – Associés

Jean-Maurice Oudot

Jean-Maurice has brought the firm to the forefront of notary offices specialized in complex real estate.

Jean-Maurice as senior advisor brings to the firm his expertise in a real estate market in constant evolution.

Areas of expertise

investissement – Oudot – Associés
Investment, disinvestment and restructuring

Acting in all types of investment and disinvestment transactions covering existing property or property under construction.
Global assistance to clients, from the tendering stage (specifications, information memo, electronic data-room) to the carrying out of audits and negotiation of contractual agreements (both preliminary and final).

investissement – Oudot – Associés
Banking and structured finance

Assistance and advice for structuring, negotiating and implementing financing, refinancing or leasing operations, and for negotiating the related satellite agreements (cash pooling, security documentation…).

investissement – Oudot – Associés
Planning and Public commercial law

Assistance in structuring private or public planning transactions, urban planning and in negotiating management contracts and project management assistance contracts.

investissement – Oudot – Associés
Industrial Environmental law

requiring environmental capabilities (polluted sites, waste law) and in negotiating contractual coverage of environmental risks.

investissement – Oudot – Associés
Wealth Management

Advice to directors and managers in connection with corporate transfers and wealth management. Situational analyses, property consultations and recommendations as to judicial and tax optimization in a given legal framework.

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Pricing policy


Oudot offers you the chance to get the latest legal news every month on the orders, court decisions etc. that are important to your management.


Oudot provides clients with access to an application which optimizes the digital management of files by way of an electronic dataroom.

This application aims to facilitate and speed up the sale process in relation to major real estate projects. This global, tailor-made device allows for the optimization of sales management: saves time, no hard copies, instantaneous and

secured access to all documents in the file, real-time monitoring, interactive communication, controlled data management: automated processes for validating and changing entries.

Access to Dataroom



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